Welcome to the Pingry Middle School! I am genuinely excited to be your English teacher this year and look forward to digging into the course material with you. Before we get started, I ask that you consider the overall purpose of the course and how you can expect to learn and grow from it.


This year’s texts include novels, epic poems, short stories, plays, and more. Each text will focus on the ways that literature reflects the attitudes of the society in which it was created. Throughout the year, we will pay special attention to the characters in these stories, observing how they change and grow. We will build upon our writing and thinking skills by answering thought-provoking questions about our texts and by writing creatively. Finally, we will build our vocabularies by studying challenging words from both inside and outside our texts.

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Course Information

Grade Six Humanities explores how various societies, each with its own traditions, beliefs, and values, share commonalities with other cultures around the world. One of our primary goals is finding ways of associating this theme with the personal experiences of the Sixth Graders, who are bringing a diverse range of experiences, talents, and backgrounds to form a new community at Pingry.


In English, along with vocabulary and grammar study, students will gain an appreciation of the wide range of social and ethnic voices of various cultures that unite readers in the human experience. This will be accomplished through an exploration of different genres: heroic myths, short stories, poems, plays, and novellas. (Some units will be interdisciplinary in nature; others will be discretely literary.) Students will learn to apply a wide variety of strategies to comprehend and analyze texts. Especially significant will be the introduction of the five-paragraph essay. Thus, students will learn to contribute as reflective, creative, and respectful members of a literarily, socially, and historically aware community.


From The Pingry School Curriculum Guide