Welcome back to the Pingry Middle School! I am genuinely excited to be your English teacher this year and look forward to digging into the course material with you. Before we get started, I ask that you consider the overall purpose of the course and how you can expect to learn and grow from it.

This year's texts include novels, short stories, plays, and more. I hope they pique your interest, embolden your imagination, and raise eyebrows and questions alike. Many of our texts will deal with such issues as oppression, racism, and injustice in the world, and the questions they raise remain just as profound and relevant in today's world. We will examine how literature can be one of the many ways to address these issues. Finally, we will continue your exploration of grammar and vocabulary from last year, broadening your understanding and move toward mastery.


My Email: mcoakley@pingry.org

My Room: M108

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Contact Information

The best way to reach me: Bbarnes@pingry.org

If you need to speak with me: 908-647-5555 ext. 1625

Office Hours: Before and after school by appointment, and Monday through Friday during Conference Period.

Room: M205

Course Description

Form I Humanities expands the Grade Six program in two ways. Academically, it continues the thread exploring how diverse influences coalesce into unified cultures. Developmentally, the program draws parallels between communities in the world at large and the Middle School community here at Pingry. The goal is to teach Middle School students to identify and build on their own talents and potential, and to value those of their peers.

In English, students will explore literature that focuses on defining and integrating a community. The literature includes plays and novels that provide a broad range of social perspectives dealing with oppression, racism, and injustice in the world. We stress careful reading and insightful thinking so students can express themselves with clarity and precision. Through writing, students learn to articulate ideas in a more sophisticated five-paragraph analytical essay.

From The Pingry School Curriculum Guide