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Form II Humanities explores the theme of a mature community and global leadership. Students will analyze how the United States exercised power and leadership in the global community in the 20th century, how the nation addressed its troubled racial history, and how American society and culture were transformed by the upheaval of the 1960s and 1970s. As America emerges as the most powerful and influential nation in the world, the Eighth Graders emerge as leaders of the Pingry Middle School community.

In English, students continue to examine the American journey and the themes of power and leadership in the 20th century. They explore connections between representative literature and history. Students continue their academic development in three main areas: reading, composition, and grammar. Students will learn the literary genres by reading short stories; modern novels; lyric, dramatic, and narrative poetry; modern drama; and autobiographies.

From The Pingry School Curriculum Guide

This is a survey of American Literature from the Depression through the 20th Century.  The course focus is on reading and analytical essay writing.